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Personalized Asset Management Services in Singapore for individuals, families and institutions



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SFP Asset Management Pte Ltd ("SFP Asset Management") was set up in Singapore in 2005. The company manages the portfolios of high net worth international private and institutional clients, in this highly stable Asian Country.

As an integrated part of the Pagani Group, SFP Asset Management benefits from the collective resources and investment expertise of the companies within the group on a global scale: from relations with international banks, to accessing high-level investment management networks, to risk and performance analysis.

SFP Asset Management also acts as an investment manager of funds based in Luxembourg and Malta following different strategies: equities, fixed income, hedge funds and private equity.

SFP Asset Management holds the Capital Markets Services License for fund management.



The Asset Management is based on a global investment process at an institutional level where the internal macro economic and financial analysis is completed with external sector specialist also responsible for security selection. This manager open architecture approach allows us to maximize risk diversification and to integrate the added value of experts in the various fields.

Asset Allocation

Emphasis is placed on international as well as asset class diversification in order to identify opportunities while managing any connected risk.

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Open Architecture

Due to the very wide opportunity set, we do not focus on security selection but we set up a disciplined valuation and monitoring process to select globally asset managers who can really add value in their specific area of investment expertise

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Fund Management & Advisory

The extensive experience in managing funds across asset classes is applied to research external asset managers and manage funds in different domiciles. SFP Asset Management also creates and manages private funds.

The deep expertise in investment manager selection is made available to third party institutions for their direct investments or for the management of their funds.

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SFP Asset Management Pte Ltd is part of the Pagani Group, a Global Group focusing on Financial Services, Real Estate Investments and Tax & Accounting based in Lugano, Switzerland.  

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